How To Get A Woman Back Even If You Acted Like A Jerk

how to get a woman backLet’s face it, going through a break up is never easy. At the same time, we, as guys, we can sometimes act like downright jerks. Maybe we don’t mean to, or maybe it’s just the kind of guy we have always been.

That wouldn’t really be a problem, but now you are at a point where you want to reconnect with your ex and you need to know how to get a woman back.

While you won’t have to completely change who you are as a person, there are some things you will have to do. Here are some tips on how to get a woman back even if you acted like a jerk.

1. Change how you think about women. Even though it’s a minority, far too many men think of women as objects or as property. That doesn’t work. Women are people, and deserve your complete respect. To be blunt, you are the one looking for advice on how to get back with an ex, so that’s a big clue right there. You can only love somebody if you respect them first.

2. Change how you treat women. It’s one thing to say you think of women differently, but what really counts is the way you put those thoughts into action. Act like a gentleman when you’re around all women, not just the one you’re interested in getting back together with. Not only is it good practice, it’s also the right thing to do. Besides, if she happens to see you treating another woman poorly, she will notice and your chances to get her back will be shot.

3. Be humble. You don’t have to act macho all the time, or try to one-up everybody you come into contact with. This doesn’t mean you should be a pushover, but you should be able to demonstrate restraint and humility whenever it’s called for.

4. Admit you were a jerk. Being self-aware, and admitting your faults is one of the keys to how to get a woman back. If she’s quick to tell you just how much of a jerk you were, don’t get mad about it. Instead, just agree with her and tell her you understand that now.

5. Give her the time and space she needs. You have gone through a break up, and you will both need some time to work things on your own. Now is not the time to act like a jerk again and try to force her to talk to you. Remember, it’s about respect, and that means you also have to respect her need for some privacy.

6. Show her that you have changed. As soon as she is ready to talk to you, you need to start showing her that you are no longer a jerk. Yes, you could just tell her, but that doesn’t really mean much. As the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”, and that applies here.

Some of these changes will be easier than others, but each one is necessary for how to get a woman back even if you acted like a jerk.

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